Welcome to my place. I live at a farm in beautiful surroundings in Blekinge, southern Sweden. I have four horses, whom I train with positive reinforcement (R+, clicker training) only. The horses are two American Paint Horses, one Icelandic horse and one small Gotlandsruss pony. I ride Western style mostly.

I am the author of the first clicker training book for horses in Swedish, ”Rida med klicker”. I welcome volonteers to my farm who are interested in learning clicker training for horses, and are willing to help me with the garden etc. I live with my son (born in 2020) in this quite big house, where I have four guest bed rooms upstairs. In the house also my dog Ishiko (Japanese Spitz) and two cats live. If you are interested in volonteering or just visiting, send me a message at /Susanne Åkesson

You can also rent a room through Airbnb.