Welcome to my place. I live at a farm in beautiful surroundings in Blekinge, southern Sweden. I have five horses, whom I train with positive reinforcement (R+, clicker training) only. The horses are three American Paint Horses (2, 6 and 11 yo), one Connemara pony (6 yo) and one small Gotlandsruss pony (1 yo). I ride Western style mostly.

I run a small business with courses teaching clicker training for horses, and I am the author of the first clicker training book for horses in Swedish, ”Rida med klicker”. I welcome volonteers to my farm who are interested in learning clicker training for horses, and are willing to help me with the garden etc. I live by myself in this quite big house, where I have four guest bed rooms up stairs. In the house also my dog Ishiko (Japanese Spitz) and three cats live. If you are interested in volonteering or just visiting, send me a message at /Susanne Åkesson